LTGJ call for Ceasefire in Gaza

Statement from the Local to Global Justice Planning Team

Local to Global Justice links local issues to global struggles and has long supported justice for Palestine. The UN World Court ruling is a step towards saving and protecting Palestinian lives—and towards building a future grounded in justice. Both Israeli and the U.S. governments have denied what the world is witnessing: a genocide, and the highest court in the world has found these claims plausible.

We are deeply disturbed at the escalation of violence in Gaza and grieve the loss of civilian life, including many mothers and children. Local to Global Justice continues to stand with the Palestinian people and their ongoing struggle for liberation. We support those who speak out against the intensifying assault on Gaza, and grieve for the 26,000-plus Gazan residents killed and displaced nearly 2 million more. 

The intentional withholding of humanitarian resources including food, water, and electricity continues the ongoing project of settler colonialism and links this struggle to so many others across the globe. We join the global demand for an immediate ceasefire and release of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and call on the US to end financial support of the war and of Israeli apartheid and work toward negotiations and a two state solution.

We also decry the harassment of students and faculty who express solidarity with Palestine and protest Israeli militarism and occupation. We reaffirm one of our founding principles – academic freedom and freedom of expression without threat of censure or retaliation. The right to teach and learn about apartheid and the 16-year siege of Gaza should be upheld at ASU and other universities. 

Lastly, we demand ASU resolve the concerns and demands of students, faculty, and staff who denounce the university’s financial investment in corporations that benefit from genocide and occupation.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. “

–Martin Luther King Jr.