LTGJ Community

Forum & Festival

Join us for the 2024 Forum and Festival!

For the 23rd Annual Local to Global Justice Forum and Festival, we have presenters that will contribute to our theme, “Creators for Change,” showcasing art as activism. We know local, national, and international artists use their creativity to provoke thought, foster dialogue, and drive positive change. We hope to ignite discussions, actions, and cultivate artistic talent united toward creating a just and equitable world.

Promoting diversity, freedom of speech, and academic freedom of discussion.

The Local to Global Justice Forum and Festival is a gathering for sharing knowledge that doesn’t rely entirely on “experts.” At this annual event, we recognize that everyone has something to teach and something to learn. Similar to the Social Forums that have been held around the world, this L2GJ event feels more like a festival than a conference.

Since 2001 our primary goal has been to educate ASU students and the greater community about local and global justice, while promoting diversity, freedom of speech, and academic freedom of discussion. We believe it is vital to connect local diversity, sustainability, and social justice issues to larger global struggles.

The Forum and Festival is absolutely FREE of charge. While we certainly appreciate donations, we are dedicated to providing free speakers, food, workshops and entertainment.