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Statement from the Local to Global Justice Planning Team

As a collective, Local to Global Justice (LTGJ) understands the Black feminist charge that none of us are free while others are oppressed. LTGJ is committed to the pursuit of justice in every sense—from our local struggles in the Phoenix Metro area to social justice issues that span the globe. We stand in solidarity with the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition (MSC) at Arizona State, as they organize to ensure that the university upholds their stated commitment to inclusion.

As the MSC makes clear in their Executive Summary of the Cultural Excellence & Scholars program, there are serious gaps in the programs and services that ASU offers marginalized students. As such, the following programs and services are necessary to ensure that the university can truly state that “we measure ourselves by whom we include and how they succeed.” The programs and services we are requiring are to address the following deficits, gaps, and challenges at ASU that negatively affect the ability of students to succeed:

  1. The need to recognize marginalized identities related to race, gender, sexuality and class
  2. The need to provide increased services for marginalized communities
  3. The need to provide a physical, identity-safe spaces for marginalized communities
  4. The need to address the hostility towards marginalized communities through training for all members of the university, services, and a safer environment
In addition, L2GJ is in full support of the MSC’s call to disarm and defund the ASU Police Department (ASUPD), terminate collaboration between ASUPD and the Tempe Police Department, and declare ASU a sanctuary campus—thus refusing the on-campus presence of any agency connected to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for any reason at all For more information on the transformative work of the MSC and for ways to get involved, you can follow them on Instagram @mscsolidarityco, go to their Linktree, and sign on to their proposal and statement.