Community Justice • 2017 Local to Global Justice Forum & Festival • ASU - Tempe

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Community Justice: Alliances for Action
February 24-26, 2017

Social movements tend to pick up a momentum when visionaries, community leaders, activists, and those interested in social justice have a chance to form alliances across neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries. Arizona has a rich history of networks of activism, including those who took part of the César Chávez movement in the 1960s and 1970s, the continuous struggle to re-establish Ethnic Studies programs at the University of Arizona, or the ongoing fight against racial profiling and racial discrimination infused by state legislation SB1070. The same principles apply anywhere in the world where justice is at stake: no single individual, organization, or policy can alone bring about change. "Justice" is inseparable from "community."

The 16th annual Forum and Festival, "Community Justice: Alliances for Action," will bring together local, national, and international educators, activists, students, and community members to learn and engage in dialogue and organizing about issues relating to community justice.

As in past Festivals and Teach-Ins, there will be hands-on exhibits and workshops, as well as activities and workshops for children and youth, and tabling from over 40 community groups. We will again feature music and performances from a number of local artists, and our incredible healthy and delicious lunches and snacks, all free of cost.

Local to Global Justice

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